LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

Visits and Delegations

The National Museum of Antiquities of Leiden visiting LAU-LCF

February 18, 2020


The director and project managers of the National Museum of Antiquities of Leiden were recommended by the Directorate General of Antiquities at the Ministry of Culture to collaborate with LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation for developing an international exhibition on Byblos at the National Museum of Antiquities of Leiden on October 22, 2022 .From left to right: Tanja van der Zon (Byblos Project leader, Dutch National Museum of Antiquities), Dr. Michel de Vreeze (Employee Byblos Project, Dutch National Museum of Antiquities), Dr. Lucas Petit (Head Department Collections and Research, Dutch National Museum of Antiquities), and Dr. Rachid Chamoun, (The Director of LAU-LCF).

Visiting the Foundation

January 23, 2020


LAU Design 8 students of architecture are working this semester on the Phoenicians’ Route. Every student is doing a research on one country in order to identify its Phoenician cultural ” foot print “, and to select one particular city with a strong narrative related to the Phoenicians.The aim is to propose a series of Visitors Centers in all these cities, promoting and connecting this common heritage.

President and board members of the tour guide syndicate of Lebanon visiting LAU-LCF

December 03, 2019


The president and board members of the tour guide syndicate of Lebanon visited LAU-Louis Cardahi foundation and met with Dr. Chamoun to discuss an action plan on sponsoring and activating smart ways Lebanon towards promoting cultural tourism in the various Lebanese cities and towns.
1- Elissar Baalbaki (President)
2- Arzeh El Hayek (General secretary)
3- Eliane Boutros (treasurer)
4- Jean-Claude Hawat
5- Marcelle Saliba (Cultural committee)

XII Euro Mediterranean Dialogue General Assembly, 2019

October 24-25, 2019


“Cultural Tourism in the Mediterranean Scenario…on the Phoenicians’ Route” (video - action plan - declaration - agenda).

Inauguration of “The Centre for the Preservation and Protection of Cultural Heritage”, (CPCH)

October 14, 2019

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture- Directorate General of Antiquities, the Lebanese American University - Louis Cardahi Foundation in partnership with The World Association for the Protection of the Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflict (WATCH); have inaugurated “The Center for the Preservation and Protection of Cultural Heritage (CPCH)”.  The center represents a unique opportunity to develop a program that would address the protection of natural and cultural heritage.  This will contribute to enabling the concerned parties in Lebanon to set proper measures that would permit abiding with the country’s commitment toward the concrete implementation of all the UNESCO Heritage related Conventions, Protocols and Guidelines.

The center launched its first interactive workshop on “Disaster Risk Reduction to Protect Natural and Cultural Heritage” on October 15-16, 2019.  The Target group encompassed  concerned State and local authorities (e.g. Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism,  Ministry of Interior and municipalities, Ministry of Defense, IHL Directorate, Lebanese Army,  Lebanese UNESCO Commission , Blue Shield National- Lebanon, UNIFIL Lebanon,  and National Civil Protection Agencies - (e.g. civil and military engineers, scientists, regional planners, jurists, municipal engineers),  ICOMOS ,  Civil Defense , National Red Cross Lebanon- LRC-DRR, NGOs, CSOs, Professional organizations (Board of Architects, Engineers, Geologists) and others.

Exhibition of the Phoenician Alphabet Series

September 27, 2019


Nayla Romanos Iliya [Architect and Sculptor]

The Phoenician Alphabet: A contemporary Living Culture

The purpose of this group of sculptures is to give a new cultural perspective to the Phoenician alphabet. The artist applies the complex geometry of the characters to express herself and tell metaphorical stories that make her feel closer to her roots, reconciling the present whilst paying tribute to the past. The Phoenician alphabet sculptures are displayed individually, as well as, in dialogue with one another. The reflective steel base of the sculptures symbolizes the reflective surface of the sea. Her work can be found in private collections, mainly in Lebanon, France and the UAE.

Visiting LAU-LCF

September 26, 2019

vincent-panhuysen .jpg

Professor Vincent Panhuysen, a frequent international lecturer from Netherlands, visiting the LAU-LCF along with Dr. Marwan Basmaji and Mr. David Awad from LAU, School of Architecture and Design.

Recognition Award from the Organizers of the 124th Commemoration of the Beirut Damascus Line Inauguration

August 03, 2019


LEBANESE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY - School of Architecture and Design Department of Architecture and Interior Design
Mr. Bachar Al-Amine, Landscape Architect
Dr. Rachid Chamoun, Project Coordinator.
Dr. Rachid Chamoun, professor of architecture and design at the Lebanese American university , director of LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation and president of the Confederation of the Phoenicians’ Route, has received the Recognition award from the Organizers of the 124th commemoration of the Beirut Damascus line Inauguration, for the design of the Rayak municipal community park under the patronage of his high excellency the president of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Aoun. Represented by MP H.E. Michel Daher.

A cultural trip from Ajaltoun to Byblos

June 16, 2019


The Cultural Centre of Ajaltoun organized a guided tour to the city of Byblos in order to discover the secrets of this historic city under the supervision of  Dr. Marc Abou Abdallah, specialist in history and graduated from Sorbonne University - Paris. The program included a visit to LAU-LCF to learn more about the relevant role of this foundation in the spread of Phoenician history at local and international level.

International Award “Architects Meet in Selinunte”

June 13-16, 2019




Dr. Rachid Chamoun, Director of LAU-Cardahi Foundation and President of the confederation of the Phoenicians’ Route, presented “Byblos: Layers of Civilizations” and have received the Selinunte International Award of “Architecture and Landscape” along with his colleague architect Osama Hamdan, member of the Phoenicians’ Route Scientific Committee, professor of Conservation from Al Quds University and director of Mosaic Center of Jericho, in appreciation from the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism during the “Architects Meet in Selinunte” on June 13-16, 2019.
Special thanks to Dr. Antonio Baroni, Director of the Phoenicians’ Route for his professional collaboration and endless support to the Phoenicians’ Route and Mr. Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, and Mr. Orazio La Monaca, architects and lead organizers   from the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism.
Photos, presentations (English - Italian).

Mr. Philip Stoltzfus,  Chairman of the LAU Board of Trustees (2016-2018), visiting the LAU-LCF

June 10, 2019

“At LAU we talk a lot about mission, and our role as an agent to make Lebanon a better place. The Cardahi Foundation and Dr. Chamoun are personifications of this mission- it is a joy to visit this special place , and to marvel at the important work you all undertake”. Mr. Philip Stoltzfus.

Virginia Common Wealth University (VCU) visiting the LAU-LCF

May 22, 2019


A group of students on a faculty led program from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond visited the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation. Their program is focused on Middle East Politics and Media and requires their engagement in experiential learning opportunities in Lebanon to gain hands on knowledge about the country and the region in areas that relate to politics, media, culture, gender, and refugee crisis. The group consists of 9 students and 1 faculty.

The “Sense and Sustainability” International Conference on Archaeology and Tourism in Zagreb, Croatia

May 08, 2019

Dr. Rachid Chamoun, President of the confederation of the Phoenicians’ Route and Director of LAU-Cardahi Foundation presented SMART WAYS LEBANON BY THE PHOENICIANS’ AND THE UMAYYAD ROUTES, at the “Sense and Sustainability” International Conference on Archaeology and Tourism on the 8th of May in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference engaged the most renowned speakers in the industry, along with a rich scientific and social program.

Visiting the Foundation

March 14, 2019

Prof. Jack Risley and Prof. Tom Debiaso, from NASAD Accreditation (National Association of Schools of Art and Design), visiting the LAU-LCF.

March 14, 2019

Claudio Sgarbi, a visiting associate professor in the Department of Architecture and Design - LAU, and Fabio Elia Sgarbi, a professional photographer visiting the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation.

Visiting the NABU Museum

January 23, 2019


Professor Antoine Lahoud, and LAU senior students of Interior Architecture during their visit to the NABU Museum.

LAU-Louis Cardahi foundation joins forces with NABU Museum to promote Lebanon’s Cultural Heritage.
LAU-Louis Cardahi foundation  and the confederation of the Phoenicians’ Route of the Council of Europe are happy to celebrate the launching of the NABU Museum, “situated on the coast of the Mediterranean, at the village of El-Heri, in Ras Al Shaqa’, in the North of Lebanon”.  The NABU Museum is a valuable cultural tourism destination along the   Phoenicians’ Route itinerary.

Visiting the Foundation

January 23, 2019


Nayla Romanos Iliya, an architect and artist visiting the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation.

In preparation for the XII Euro Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue on the Phoenicians’ Route

December 21, 2018


In preparation for the XII Euro Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue on the Phoenicians’ Route 
From January 9-12, 2019. 
Dr. Rachid Chamoun, Director of LAU - Cardahi Foundation hosted a coordination meeting with the delegation of Jounieh municipality and municipal federation of Keserwan represented by: Mr. Rachid Otaki , Mr. Dany Azar, Mr. Shekry Masaad, and Ms. Therese Taweli and Dr George Younes (FIJET Lebanon) December 21, 2018.

The Phoenicians’ Route at the heart of our teaching learning practice

December 08-10, 2018


LAU students of Architecture and Urban Planning, presenting their research on designated cities and sites of the Phoenicians’ Route in Lebanon. The research encompassed historical reviews, maps, data, pictures, and SWOT analysis. The projects will be exhibited at the XII Euro Mediterranean Dialogue on the Phoenicians’ Route - 2019 Festival of Intercultural on January 9-12, 2019. The review committee was composed of Mrs. Juliana Najm, core faculty advisor, Dr. Marc Abou-Abdallah, Historian, Dr. George Younes and Ms. Therese Tawilee, of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (Fijet Lebanon) and Dr. Rachid Chamoun and Ms. Maria Bachour of LAU-Cardahi Foundation.

Study Trip Focusing on Exploring the Valuable Heritage Sites in Deir Al-Qamar

November 29, 2018


Along the Phoenicians’ Route Smart Ways.

A study visit to Dair Al Qamar by Dr. Rachid Chamoun, Director of LAU Cardahi Foundation, President of the Confederation of the Phoenicians’ Route and hosted by Mr. Dory Renno Principal of Planners and Partners sal.

The study trip focused on exploring the valuable heritage sites and urban landscape of the town in preparation for a regional urbanism case study with LAU architecture students for the 2019 - Spring semester.

Deir al-Qamar (Arabic: دير القمر‎), meaning “Monastery of the Moon” is a village south-east of Beirut in Chouf District, south-central Lebanon.

During the 16th to 18th centuries, Deir al-Qamar was the capital and the residence of the Emirate of Mount Lebanon. It is also notable for its 15th-century Fakhreddine Mosque, Fakhreddine II Palace, and the palace of the Emir Yusuf Shihab - today housing the Municipal Council heritage building, encompassing the Department General of Antiquities and Museum , the 17th century Deir al-Qamar Synagogue and the French institute of culture, and valuable historical churches. During its peak, the city was the center of Lebanese literary tradition.

Workshop Organized by the Lebanese University, Beirut -Lebanon

November 26, 2018


On Monday November 26, during a workshop organized by the Lebanese University, Beirut -Lebanon, a lecture entitled  “on Urbanism and Architecture in the 8th century BC  of the Phoenician ERA in Sardinia island” delivered by Professor Michele Giurgius from the University of Sassari Italy. The presentation was attended by Professor Antoine Lahoud, member of the scientific committee of the Phoenician Route. During which Professor Lahoud addressed the leading role of LAU-Cardahi Foundation, within the confederation of the Phoenician Route.

A Study Visit to Umm Al Amad - South Lebanon

November 24, 2018


Along the Phoenicians’ Route Smart Ways, Dr. Rachid Chamoun, Director of LAU-Cardahi Foundation and President of the confederation of the Phoenicians route in accompany, with Dr. Hassan Badawi, Professor of Archaeology from the Lebanese University, and Dr. Michele Giurgius, Professor of Archaeology from the University of Sassari Italy exploring Um south Lebanon cultural heritage, exploring Umm Al Amad located on the eastern shoulder of the Naqoura Sea in South Lebanon. Umm Al-Amad encompasses layers of tangible Phoenician and Greek civilization artifacts. Although it was discovered by a French explorer in 1772, it was not excavated until 1861. Currently, the site excavation works are carried out by the the Directorate General of the department of Antiquities DGA and supervised by Archaeologist Hassan Badawi. The city/site is more than 60,000 square meters still bears witness to an important historical period and tells of architectural art and precision in engraving and sculpture with tools dating back to the Iron Age, so named after the discovery of iron nearly 3,000 years ago. Umm Al-Amad’s two temples were built roughly between 287 and 222 BC.

LAU-Cardahi Foundation and the Phoenicians’Route call for local and international institutions to support the DGA and Professor Badawi in raising funds for the resurrection of this valuable heritage site .

Exploring South Lebanon Cultural Heritage

November 24, 2018


Dr. Rachid Chamoun Director of LAU Cardahi Foundation and President of the confederation of the Phoenicians Route in accompany with Dr. Hassan Badawi from the Lebanese University and Dr. Michele Giurgius from the University of Sassari Italy exploring south Lebanon cultural heritage.

I feel honored of spending a valuable day exploring south Lebanon Phoenician and Roman heritage sites with our dear colleagues Dr. Hassan Badawi from the Lebanese University and Dr. Michele Giurgius from the University Of Sassari Italy concluding with a special visit with the Italian United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and hosted by the mayor of the city of Tyre Mr. Hassan Dbouk.

From Carthage to Tyre

November 17, 2018


Under the patronage of the Lebanese Embassy in Tunisia and the Tunisian Embassy in Lebanon represented by both ambassadors: His Excellency Mr. Karim Bodally and His Excellency Mr. Toni Franjeyyi
With the collaboration of the Lighthouse- Arab world Cinema and TV production 
“From Carthage to Tyre”
At Citadel-Beit Marry -Lebanon 
November 17,2018
Professor Antoine Lahoud member of the Phoenicians’Route Scientific Committee represented the Phoenicians’ Route.

Youngest Researcher visits the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation

November 12, 2018


Julia M. Basmaji, the youngest researcher on cultural heritage, visits the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation on Sunday, November 12, 2018.

Fourth edition of Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School - Med BSO Academy

November 09, 2018


Cagliari (Italy) - GACIC BSO Management Academy - Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School

On November 9th, Dr. Rachid Chamoun, President of the Phoenicians’ Route and Director of the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation, attended the 4th edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School - Med BSO Academy, organized in the framework of EBSOMED (Enhancing Business Support Organisations and Business Networks in the Southern Neighborhood), a project co-financed by the European Union and coordinated by BUSINESSMED (Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises).

Dr. Chamoun discussed the role of the Cultural Routes in promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural tourism, highlighting the activities in progress of the Phoenicians’ Route.

Visit to LAU-Cardahi Foundation library and museum

November 02, 2018


LAU-Cardahi Foundation hosted Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Louis Cardahi, Mr. John McCarthy, Managing Director of John McCarthy Publishing Switzerland, Mrs. Katherine Murphy McClintic, Vice President & Interim Director of Advancement at International College Beirut, Mr. Salim Esaily, Mrs. Elizabeth Rbeiz, Mrs. Haifa Abbas and Mr. Malek Hobeich on Friday November 02, 2018.

A Syrian/German delegation visiting the LAU-LCF

October 11, 2018


A Syrian/German delegation composed of 23 architects, archaeologists, surveyors and professors who are currently documenting and surveying Saint John Cathedral in Byblos, have visited the LAU-LCF library and museum facility on October 11, 2018.

General Assembly of the Phoenician’s Route in Zagreb (Croatia)

October 9, 2018


During The International General Assembly of The Phoenicians’ Route in Zagreb (Croatia) on October 9th, 2018, concurrently with the confederation’s celebration of the 15th anniversary of the route. Dr. Rachid Chamoun, Director of the LCF, was nominated by the confederation Scientific and Steering Committee member states and elected to serve as the President of the Confederation for the period of 2018-2020, succeeding professor Giovabbi Brizzi, president of the International Confederation Phoenicians’ Route 2016-2018.

Mr. Johan Celsing visiting the foundation

October 5, 2018


Mr. Johan Celsing, architect and professor of advanced design at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, gave a lecture on his own works titled: Plans, Meters, Intentions and Realities in Recent Designs. The lecture was held on October 4th at 4:30 pm at the School of Architecture and Design at the Beirut Campus. on October 5th, Mr.Celsing visited the LAU-LCF museum and library facilities in Byblos.

LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation is the heart of our teaching learning practice

November 1, 2018


Mrs. Jemma Chidiac and her Design III students visited the LAU-LCF digital museum and library. They have been informed about the Umayyad Route and the Phoenician Route.

October 18, 2018

LAU professor Mr. Pierre Hage Boutros and his students visited the LAU-Cardahi Foundation museum and Library, in search of performance space in the old city of Byblos.

September 27, 2018


Final year students of architecture from the Lebanese University visiting the foundation with their instructor Mr. Zakariya Kabrit.

September 19, 2018


LAU students of architecture will be engaged in using the foundation library and facilities as an urban laboratory to investigate Lebanon’s urban heritage.  Selected cities/sites to span the evolution of the Phoenicians’ route will be surveyed.  Students will produce maps, schemes, diagrams, drawings, sketches, data, pictures, surveys and of SWOT analysis of designated cities.

September 11, 2018


LAU students of architecture visiting the foundation with their instructor Professor Marwan Zouein for their current research about the city of Byblos.

The LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation promotes the Umayyad Museum at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Seville, Spain

July 16-22, 2018

(See posters)

LAU board members visited the LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation 

July 16, 2018


Dr. Joseph Jabra, President of LAU, Mr. Philip Stoltzfus, Chairman of the LAU board of trustees, Mrs. Cherilyn Murer, Secretary of the LAU board of trustees and chair of the health services committee, and Mr. Roy Majdalani, Vice-President for Human Resources and University Services, LAU, were welcomed by the director of the foundation, Dr. Rachid Chamoun.

Reception and lecture on the history of Byblos for Saint Francis International Club

June 9, 2018


Une journée des plus instructives à Jbeil grâce à Dr. Chamoun et Dr. Harb qui nous ont fait connaître le musée Cardahi, simplement une merveille archéologique! Un grand merci aussi à Dr. George Najjar (LAU) qui nous a facilité cette visite et la découverte de l’histoire de Jbeil. Il faudrait que tous les libanais connaissent Jbeil, une des plus anciennes villes de l’histoire remontant à 5000 ans avant J.C.

Scientific and Steering Committee Meeting, Selinunte

March 16, 2018


The meeting of the Phoenicians’ Route International Scientific Committee was held in in Marinella di Selinunte (Sicily), in the conference hall of the Admeto Hotel.

Various exhibitions and lectures promoting the LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation in Spain

October 2017


X Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue”Celebration of the XXX Anniversary of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes Program” in Jaén.

“Melilla, la Puerta del Mediterráneo”, Sustainable and Creative Tourism and Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean exhibition, Mellila.

Foundation promoted at the 8th International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation in Amman, Jordan

May, 21 – 25, 2017


The 8th International Conference on
Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation
Greater Amman Municipality - Al Hussein Cultural Centre
Amman - HK of Jordan

LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation promoted at the LAU-Byblos Exhibition in the UN headquarter, NYC

April 24, 2017


Phoenician route delegation visit to the LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation 

March 23, 2017


The Phoenician route delegation, Lebanese Tourism Guides syndicate and Foundation director collaborated to launch an initiative for contributing to the sustainability of the “Phoenician route”  project.

Inauguration of the Umayyad Digital Museum

December 19, 2016


The inauguration event followed the steering committee meeting and final conference of the Umayyad project.