LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

The Louis Cardahi Foundation


The Louis Cardahi Foundation was established by the Cardahi Family in 1995 as a tribute to a man who made praiseworthy efforts to revive his beloved city Byblos in all its past glory and to bring its significance as a site of world heritage to international attention. The foundation aims to be a cultural center for disseminating knowledge about the city and promoting research about its history and heritage. 

The Louis Cardahi Foundation is located in the St. Jean-Marc quarter of the old town of Byblos (Jbeil), next to St. Jean-Marc church. Its premises consist of a built-up surface of 217 square meters with a 71 square meter terrace. The property is divided into four main sections: the museum, the multifunction room, the digital museum and the library. (Booklet)

A governing board comprised of five LAU representatives and two Cardahi family representatives oversee the foundation’s strategic planning.