LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation


This room contains treasures from the private Louis Cardahi collection, including:

  • Phoenician artifacts, such as a statuette of Ishtar-Aphrodite taking her ablution
  • Oil lamps and small glass vases
  • Lithographs by the famous archeologist Ernest Renan.
  • Reproduction from the Louvre Museum: bust of Osorkon, stone of Yehawmilk, basalt lion of the Persian fortress

Access to the museum is free of charge. Its hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM. The museum closes on Mondays, Sundays and official holidays.


To book a visit to the LAU-Louis Cardahi foundation, kindly send an email to  specifying details (date, time, number of visitors, etc.).