LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

Visits and Delegations

Inauguration of the Umayyad Digital Museum

December 19, 2016

The inauguration event followed the steering committee meeting and final conference of the Umayyad project.

Phoenician route delegation visit to the LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation 

March 23, 2017


The Phoenician route delegation, Lebanese Tourism Guides syndicate and Foundation director collaborated to launch an initiative for contributing to the sustainability of the “Phoenician route”  project.

LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation promoted at the LAU-Byblos Exhibition in the UN headquarter, NYC

April 24, 2017


Foundation promoted at the 8th International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation in Amman, Jordan

May, 21 – 25, 2017

Various exhibitions and lectures promoting the LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation in Spain

October 2017


X Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue”Celebration of the XXX Anniversary of the Council of Europe Cultural Routes Program” in Jaén.

“Melilla, la Puerta del Mediterráneo”, Sustainable and Creative Tourism and Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean exhibition, Mellila.