LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

Governing Board and Advisory Committee

Governing Board


Dr. Joseph Jabbra

Dr. Joseph Jabbra

President of LAU

Vice Chair

Mr. Jean-Louis Cardahi

Mr. Jean-Louis Cardahi

former Minister of Telecommunications and Chairman/General Manager, Société des Etablissements Louis Cardahi s.a.l.


  • Mrs. Suzy Cardahi-Hobeiche

    Mrs. Suzy Cardahi-Hobeiche

    Board member, Société des Etablissements Louis Cardahi s.a.l.

  • Mr. Charles Abourjeily

    Mr. Charles Abourjeily

    Vice-President for Finance, LAU

  • Dr. Elie Haddad

    Dr. Elie Haddad

    Dean of the School of Architecture and Design, LAU

  • Dr. Habib Malek

    Dr. Habib Malek

    Associate Professor of History and Cultural Studies, LAU

  • Mr. Roy Majdalani

    Mr. Roy Majdalani

    Vice-President for Human Resources and University Services, LAU

The board membership changes every 3 years.

Advisory Committee


  • Dr. Rachid Chamoun

    Dr. Rachid Chamoun

    Ex-officio member and Director, LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

  • Dr. Maroun Daccache

    Dr. Maroun Daccache

  • Dr. Selim Deringil

    Dr. Selim Deringil

  • Mr. Antoine Lahoud

    Mr. Antoine Lahoud

  • Mr. Malek Hobeiche

    Mr. Malek Hobeiche