LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation

Governing Board and Advisory Committee

Governing Board


Dr. Michel Mawad

Dr. Michel Mawad

President of LAU

Vice Chair

Suzy Hobeiche

Suzy Hobeiche

Board member, Société des Etablissements Louis Cardahi s.a.l.


  • Mr. Charles Abourjeily

    Mr. Charles Abourjeily

    Vice-President for Finance, LAU

  • Dr. Elie Haddad

    Dr. Elie Haddad

    Dean of the School of Architecture and Design, LAU

  • Dr. Guy Assaker

    Dr. Guy Assaker

    Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Hospitality and Marketing at the Adnan Kassar School of Business, LAU

  • Mr. Jean-Louis Cardahi

    Mr. Jean-Louis Cardahi

    Former Minister of Telecommunications and Chairman/Geeral Manager, Société des Etablissements Louis Cardahi s.a.l.

  • Mr. Roy Majdalani

    Mr. Roy Majdalani

    Vice-President for Administration, LAU

The board membership changes every 3 years.

Advisory Committee


  • Dr. May Farhat

    Dr. May Farhat

    Director, LAU-Louis Cardahi Foundation

  • Dr. Maroun Daccache

    Dr. Maroun Daccache

    Chair of Architecture & Interior Design

  • Mr. Antoine Lahoud

    Mr. Antoine Lahoud

    Senior Lecturer in Architecture & Interior Design

  • Mr. Malek Hobeiche

    Mr. Malek Hobeiche

    Architect, LAU Alumni